Our Story

Imagine coming home and feeling welcomed. Imagine waking up in a room that makes you happy the moment you open your eyes. This is what home is. How we live is important.

The story of Fifty-Two Rooms began nearly a decade ago when we first met at an intimate dinner in New York City. As fate would have it, we were seated across from each other. Of course, being the only interior designers there, we couldn’t resist talking shop and swapping stories. We quickly discovered a shared passion for how profoundly design can change lives. Both of us had always heard from our clients that their transformed homes were not just beautiful, but they nurtured relationships and brought a sense of well-being. Feeling motivated and inspired, we excitedly began brainstorming how we could bring the benefits of great design to more people.

Turning a space into a room can be challenging without the help of a designer. Most people have a hard time visualizing how various pieces of furniture will (or won’t!) work in a room, and that’s just the start. Sometimes we don’t even know what we want or how to get it. Shopping, trial and error, and attempting to design your home exactly how you want can be frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive. From understanding rug dimensions to upholstering fabric on a sofa to hanging artwork, designers are trained to see the big picture. This is where we come in.
We want to eliminate the uncertainty around design. Fifty-Two Rooms is our solution. We’re removing the emotional and practical hurdles of decorating by giving you the guidance you need to build—one room at a time—a home that you’ll really love.

By offering fully furnished rooms to our readers each week, we take the guesswork out of the equation and answer that difficult question:
“How will everything work together?”
From single city dwellers to young suburban families to empty nesters, we’ve designed for a wide range of clients in an equally wide range of styles. We draw on our collective design experience to offer rooms that will suit every taste, age, and stage of life. We’re passionate about making your home a place that you love and cherish and we can’t wait to share our rooms with you!
Amy & Jennifer
Fifty-Two Rooms