Design is our passion and you can rest assured that we are truly interested in your best results. At Fifty-Two Rooms we understand that interior design is fluid and sometimes a little extra help might be required. Our philosophy is to make it fun and hopefully take any undue stress out of the process. On top of our fully designed rooms, we offer additional services to anyone who needs or wants them. We’ll do the work so you don’t have to.

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 Floor Plans

Do you have a tricky space? Not sure how to bring your exclusive FiftyTwo Rooms purchases into your own home? There’s no design challenge we haven’t met, so let us create a floor plan just for you. Once you give us a few simple measurements (it’s easy, we promise!) we’ll scheme everything out to show you exactly how they will work in your space. This helps avoid any possible mistakes and guarantees a polished result.


$150.00 / Room





Window Treatments

Curtains and blinds are notoriously difficult to master—that’s why we include fabric, trim, as well as all of the appropriate hardware in our rooms. It’s also why we offer individual advice on the best ways to integrate our ideas into your unique space. Send us a few measurements and a photo of your windows and we’ll come up with the perfect customized solution.

Starting at $50.00 / Room

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While we offer fabulous fully upholstered furnishings in our rooms, we understand that sometimes you’re just looking for a refresh. If that’s you, and you love our fabrics and are looking to reupholster your existing furniture, we’re here to help! All we need is a photo and a few specific dimensions and we’ll determine how many yards of fabric you’ll need. If you’d like advice on which fabrics will work best on your furniture, just ask! 

$25.00 / Piece






Wallpaper can add personality and a special layer to any room. If you find yourself wondering how much you’ll need, let us know and we’ll make sure you’re covered.

$25.00 / Room

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Furniture Fill-in 

Though our rooms are always designed from head to toe, you may find that you need a few more furnishings or accessories to bring our designs to life in your space. Is your room larger than what we’ve shown and need extra pieces to round it out? Allow us to suggest some of our other fabulous décor to fill in those gaps. 

Includes a Furniture Floor Plan for your room  @ $150.00 / room and a designer shopping fee @ $100.00 / hour.