Stone Planters

Plants are a great way to bring more life to any room. Whether or not you have a green thumb, our stone composite planters will add an element of sculpture to your room, and their gilt iron bases will subtly raise your glam factor. Surely you can find some greenery that is hard to kill!
A removable fiber glass liner keeps the planter water tight. 
Available in three sizes:
  • Overall Dimension: 15.5" Diameter x 44" H
  • Base: 13.5"Dia. x 36"H
  • Wise egg vase: 15.25"Dia. x 12.25"H


  • Overall Dimension: 15.5"Dia. x 30.25"H
  • Base: 13.5"Dia. x 24"H
  • Wise egg vase: 15.25"Dia. x 12.25"H


  • Overall Dimension: 15.5"Dia. x 22.5"H
  • Base: 13.5"Dia. x 18"H
  • Wise Egg Vase: 15.25"Dia. x 12.25"H


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